Pokemon Bulk - Buy|Sell|Trade

At Marley Collects we are always looking to add to our ever increasing inventory.

We continuously Buy, Trade & Sell Trading Cards and Collectible items alike.

Our buying rate for all cards and sealed products is 60% of current market value.

We are currently accepting English Pokemon TCG Bulk, the prices we currently pay are all stated below. These prices are for Pokémon and trainers only as we are not currently accepting any energy cards. All cards must be sorted by type (see price list below). All prices stated are for store credit which you can use to purchase items from our online store.

Bulk Price List

  • 2p for regular common and uncommon cards inc. trainers
  • 5p for regular rare cards
  • 7p for reverse holo cards
  • 10p for holo cards
  • 50p for promo EX, GX & V cards
  • 75p for half art GX and V cards
  • £2 for all full arts inc. EX, GX, V, VMAX and Trainers
  • £3 for all rainbow rares and secret rares

If you are interested in selling us your bulk, please complete the contact us form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

You will receive a prepaid postage label and reference number via email once we have agreed to accept your bulk.

Please write the reference number from your email on the outside of your parcel, add a note within your parcel containing your name, email address, contact number and quantity or cards. If there are any discrepancies when booking in your order, you will be notified accordingly.

You will need to have an active account on our website with us at Marley Collects, as this is how we will issue your gift card unless a different agreement was made when we agreed to buy your bulk.

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